Individual Psychotherapy

My clients are kids, teens, and adults who are seeking ways to manage difficult emotions, cope with life’s stressors and improve their relationships. I use a holistic, client-centered treatment approach with CBT as my anchor, along with mindfulness and yoga strategies. I collaborate with my clients to identify goals and strategies that work for them. Through our work, my clients have a greater understanding of themselves, their needs, and how they can interact more peacefully with the world around them. My individual sessions are held at the Well Being Center in Wayne, PA. Click here to message me with any questions and schedule a free phone consultation.

PEERS® Social Skills Groups

PEERS® is an evidence-based social skills group intervention for teens with high-functioning ASD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other social challenges who are interested in learning ways to make and keep friends. Participants learn how to choose appropriate friends, how to use conversation skills, how to appropriately use humor, how to enter and exit conversations, how to handle rejection, teasing and bullying and much more. PEERS Social Skills Groups are held at the HARBOR Center in Center City Philadelphia. To learn more about the group and schedule an intake, call 610-649-3186.


I provide group yoga sessions for children and adults by request. Email me for inquiries.