Register for our Mental Health Yoga Workshop at Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse! / by Julie Anne Caramanico


Join me and Jessica Pavelka for Mental Health Yoga: Enlightenment and Empowerment through Mind-Body Practice! This workshop explores the healing tools of yoga and psychology. Do you ever find yourself feeling “stuck”? Do you struggle with low self-esteem, worry or stress? Looking for new ways to feel powerful and resilient? Your instructors have blended modern therapeutic mindfulness methods with ancient practices of yoga for your ultimate mind and body wellness. This workshop is a gateway to your unconscious thoughts (Avidya) and hidden patterns (Samskara). With a fiery grounding asana, discussion about positive mental health habits, and time for meditation, journaling, and tea—this class will have you feeling empowered in your own being in new ways! Some yoga experience is recommended.